Colleen Trujillo

Colleen Trujillo received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Human Development in 1976 at California State University at Hayward. She started working for San Leandro Adult School in 1997 as a Tot Time Teacher and in 1998 became a co-director of Broadmoor Parent Cooperative Preschool. In addition to Broadmoor Preschool, Colleen is currently the teacher for Tot Time, a play-based, parent-assist toddler class at Broadmoor. She has also taught the tot time class for 12 to 24 months along with a variety of parenting classes.





Dale Gregory


Dale Gregory received her master’s degree in Public Health in 1975 from U.C. Berkeley and has been with San Leandro Adult School since 1988. In addition to Broadmoor Preschool, Dale has taught Tot Time, Kindergarten Readiness, and a variety of parenting classes. She became co-director of Broadmoor Parent Cooperative Preschool in 1997.








Colleen and Dale met when their youngest daughters were in Tot Time together some 20 years ago and they have been a team ever since. Both are dedicated to preserving affordable cooperative preschools and believe co-ops provide one of the healthiest schooling environments for children and their families. In addition to enriching a child’s learning experience, Colleen and Dale believe parent participation schools create a village of support for families that often follows them throughout the K-12 years and beyond. As directors, they are continually attending conferences to attain the latest information on brain development, learning styles, curriculum execution and age-appropriate play-based learning strategies that will benefit both the children in their classroom and their extended families. Both are available as guest lecturers and workshop leaders.