Membership Commitments

Broadmoor is a co-op, so we rely on all members to share in the work of running the school. All members families are required to fulfill the following commitments:

Work Days
Each Broadmoor family is required to work in the classroom one day each week. Work days are assigned at the beginning of the year–you will work the same day of the week throughout the duration of the school year. If you are unable to be present on your workday due to scheduling conflict or illness, you must find a substitute.

On their work days, parents must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class, and stay 30 minutes after for discussion with the Directors.

There are six working parents in the classroom on any given day. Each parent is responsible for setting up, carrying out, and cleaning up after a project at one of the five curriculum stations. The sixth parent is a “floater,” and helps out wherever help is needed. Stations are assigned by weekly rotation, so every parent works every station several times throughout the year.

Curriculum Planning
For the first trimester (first 10 weeks), the Directors set the curriculum projects. For the rest of the year, parents are responsible for developing their own project ideas, with the support of the Directors and the Curriculum Chair. Broadmoor has a wealth of arts and craft supplies to utilize. If a project you design requires additional resources, you are responsible for absorbing extra costs. Parents in the cooking station provide the ingredients for their projects.

Parent Education Meetings
Broadmoor is a part of the San Leandro Adult School. It is considered a parenting class, and as such all participants are required to attend Parent Education meetings, typically held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 7pm-10pm.

Parent Ed meetings cover a wide range of topics, from healthy eating habits to discussions on community values. Some feature guest speakers, others may be led by the Directors or other members of the co-op.

Attendance is mandatory, though each family may miss one meeting per trimester without penalty. If you miss more, you will be required to do a make-up at the Director’s discretion.

Maintenance Days
In order to keep the school in good condition for our children, all families must complete three man-hours of maintenance each trimester. Maintenance Days are typically held the first Saturday of each month, 9am-noon, and are the preferred means of completing the required hours.

Families typically sign up to attend one Maintenance Day each trimester. If one parent attends, s/he must stay the full three hours. If both parents attend, they are only required to stay an hour and a half.

If Saturday Maintenance Days are impossible for your family, you may be assigned a make-up project at the Maintenance Chair’s discretion.

A maintenance/committee job deposit of $150, in the form of a check, shall be collected from each member by the Treasurer at the beginning of the school year. If within any given trimester, a member fails to complete their required maintenance hours or fails to reasonably complete (at the Directors’ discretion) their committee job assignments, the deposit check will be cashed, and a new deposit check must be written for any subsequent trimesters.

Committee Jobs
Each family must fulfill the duties of one assigned committee job. The full list of committee jobs can be found in the application packet, and includes all manner of tasks, from librarian to laundry maven. Collectively, these jobs help keep Broadmoor running.